Create an App Service app and deploy files with FTP using Azure CLI

This sample script creates an app in App Service with its related resources, and then deploys a static HTML page using FTP. For FTP upload, the script uses cURL as an example. You can use whatever FTP tool to upload your files.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a trial account before you begin.


You can use the local Azure CLI.

Sample script

Sign in to Azure

Open Azure CLI console and use the following script to sign in using a different subscription, replacing <Subscription ID> with your Azure Subscription ID. If you don't have an Azure trail subscription, create a trial subscription before you begin.

az cloud set -n AzureChinaCloud
az login

subscription="<subscriptionId>" # add subscription here

az account set -s $subscription # ...or use 'az login'

For more information, see set active subscription or log in.

Run the script

# Create an App Service app and deploy files with FTP
# set -e # exit if error
# Variable block
let "randomIdentifier=$RANDOM*$RANDOM"
location="China East"

# Download sample static HTML page
curl $warurl --output index.html

# Create a resource group.
echo "Creating $resourceGroup in "$location"..."
az group create --name $resourceGroup --location "$location" --tag $tag

# Create an App Service plan in `FREE` tier.
echo "Creating $appServicePlan"
az appservice plan create --name $appServicePlan --resource-group $resourceGroup --sku FREE

# Create a web app.
echo "Creating $webapp"
az webapp create --name $webapp --resource-group $resourceGroup --plan $appServicePlan

# Get FTP publishing profile and query for publish URL and credentials
creds=($(az webapp deployment list-publishing-profiles --name $webapp --resource-group $resourceGroup \
--query "[?contains(publishMethod, 'FTP')].[publishUrl,userName,userPWD]" --output tsv))

# Use cURL to perform FTP upload. You can use any FTP tool to do this instead. 
curl -T index.html -u ${creds[1]}:${creds[2]} ${creds[0]}/

# Copy the result of the following command into a browser to see the static HTML site.
echo $site
curl "$site"

Clean up resources

Use the following command to remove the resource group and all resources associated with it using the az group delete command - unless you have an ongoing need for these resources. Some of these resources may take a while to create, as well as to delete.

az group delete --name $resourceGroup

Sample reference

This script uses the following commands. Each command in the table links to command specific documentation.

Command Notes
az group create Creates a resource group in which all resources are stored.
az appservice plan create Creates an App Service plan.
az webapp create Creates an App Service app.
az webapp deployment list-publishing-profiles Get the details for available app deployment profiles.

Next steps

For more information on the Azure CLI, see Azure CLI documentation.

Additional App Service CLI script samples can be found in the Azure App Service documentation.