Azure China Purchasing Guidance

Editor’s Note:

The purpose of this Azure purchase guidance is aimed to provide an end to end purchasing and onboarding process for both China and Overseas users who are considering Microsoft Azure services operated by 21Vianet in China (“Azure Services in China”). It is written upon a customer journey perspective: including information collection, trial, purchase, usage management, support and FAQ per available channels customer can select to go with.

Important to note, given operating internet, Cloud and IDC services in China are highly governed by China government with a wide set of Regulations and policies, the Regulations in China Section is essential for audience to understand various potential experience when landing in China.

How to Use This Guidebook

Please take a minute to read this section and find out which type of user you may be, and then follow the instructions to get further details. China had implemented various regulations and laws to govern telecommunication, internet services, cloud services, public security and cyber security. Thus, Microsoft Azure, the first foreign public cloud services, is partnering with 21Vianet as operation entity in China.

  • If you want to know the details about 21Vianet, and the China Regulation needed to pay attention during purchase Azure, such as ICP – the China unique website host requirement, the first three sections will provide detailed information and guidance to help you complete these requests before your purchases.

  • If you are totally new to Azure and want to get more information about Azure services in China, please go to Azure China Operation section to Support section.

  • If you are an Enterprise customer and intent to purchase Azure Enterprise Services with minimum commitment through contractual process, the Offline Enterprise Contract Purchase Process will help you understand how to do it. This section will focus on the Contract Procedure, Benefit, Billing & Usage and Renewal which are important processes to understand before making the purchase. Moreover, you can find related information in this section if you want to purchase through Indirect Partners.

Furthermore, no matter how you prefer to purchase Azure in China, you can always find all detailed information at Azure China Website. This purchase guidance is the high-level summary we hope to guide you obtain the information faster and more efficient thru the process. We will update the contents in a regular basis to ensure all the contents are up to date. Welcome to visit this site regularly and we are more than happy to help you! Any question, please visit Online Submission to get customer support.