Purchase Process

When customer have intention to purchase Azure service through OSPA, Microsoft Team will kick off the buying process.

The key elements in the buying process are illustrated below.

buying process

Credit Check

Before 21V send out the contract package to customers, credit check is the first thing OSPA customer should complete in advance.

Microsoft Sales teams will help customer submit the required material to 21V credit check team and go through the process, the standard credit check period is Two working days.

The materials customer should provide including:

  • Business license with registered capital
  • Tax register certification
  • Recent 2 years’ finance report
  • Contract details with commitment, payment terms and Microsoft related contact persons (Microsoft team will help to consolidate)

Credit check process is illustrated below:

Credit check process

Please notice: if the next year annual commitment amount is greater than 110% of previous year, customer need to follow the same process for credit check one more time.

Create Org ID

Org ID is Organization ID goes with format of ***@***.partner.omschina.cn. OrgID works as an unique user name to enable customer sign in portal, to create subscription and deploy azure services to use. Different from global where Windows Live ID is used as User Name for sign in due to China regulatory related reason. Customer OrgID is requested when signing the contract and this OrgID will be provisioned in the system as primary Enterprise Administrator for customer.

Initial Org ID registration

Registration link https://account.windowsazure.cn/organization

Registration requirement: A domain is needed when create OrgID, System will check the domain availability when submit the domain name. Besides, SMS verification via the phone is also required.


Create more Org IDs under the same domain

OSPA customers have the flexibility to create more additional OrgID which can assign to other users for co-manage purpose. Therefore, there are two ways for them to create more additional OrgID under the same domain:

  1. Create via Office365 platform O365 Platform
  2. Create via AD service in Azure Management Portal AD on Management Portal

Contract Effective

Once all the contract details are finalized, 21V will send the contract package to customer to sign and chop. When 21V receive the signed and chopped contract package from customer, customers’ OrgID will be provisioned in the system immediately. Customer can sign in with their OrgID and start their using Azure services.


Customer will have 30 days as standard payment term, they can use the services first. The payment method is company wire transfer or check, when 21V receives the commitment payment within 30 days, they will issue the VAT invoice to customers. However, please also notice that if customer fail to make payment on their Monetary commitment purchase and submission of annual order, their services will be suspended (more detailed information can refer to the Suspend session in below)

For the Y2 and Y3 order commitment, customer need to follow the same payment method and payment term to continue finish their payment. System will send notification in 105 days, 60 days and 7 days prior to the agreement anniversary about the upcoming due of annual order.

For indirect OSPA, your Partner will assist you along the purchase journey. Please consult your partner for steps and details.

Special Notes for Overseas Customer Purchase China Azure

For the overseas customer who want to purchase Microsoft Azure thru OSPA, given the regulation requirement as forth mentioned - OSPA is only eligible for legal entity registered in mainland China, overseas customers can either sign the OSPA agreement through their China mainland local entity with 21V and follow the standard process to purchase azure forth described;

When customers already have global Azure subscriptions, also like to purchase China Azure subscription, please note the services between global Azure subs and China Azure subs cannot be migrated automatedly due to services are deployed in two separate instances. Customer can look for migration related supports through submitting support ticket or refer to the guidance on Azure Migration Center.