OSPA Benefit

As OSPA customers, we provide several exclusive benefits and deliver a great Azure purchasing experience to customer, including below benefits.


Price Protection

If there has any price change, either up or down, OSPA customers get the best of both worlds. If Azure prices go up for a specific service, OSPA customer’s pricing will not change. If Azure prices go down, our system will automatically pass on the applicable pricing levels and adjustments to OSPA customers. we will inform customers of upcoming price changes by emailing the contact within the customer identified in the portal and enrollment.

Purchasing & Payment Options

As we mentioned above, OSPA customers can be utilizing upfront billing through monetary commitment. They also have additional payment flexibility such as monthly payment for overage depending on the overage amount. The standard billing cycle is annually, customer also do have the flexibility to do the semi-annual or quarterly billing arrangement to match with the customer budget cycle.

Azure Support

Customer can purchase premier support directly if they have mission-critical deployment. The premier support directly supported by Microsoft team instead of 21Vianet. (please refer to more details in the Support Session in below session).

Azure Plans

OSPA customers have access to commitment offers such Azure HUB, IoT suites and other Azure plan SKUs release in future.

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit: Customers can now use existing on-premises Windows Server licenses to save as they move to the cloud. If the customer has an existing on-premises Windows Server license with Software Assurance (SA), the Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) offer provides them the ability to run Windows virtual machines in Azure while only paying base (Linux) compute rates.

Internet of Things Suite (IOT Suite): For Customers that want to benefit from Internet of Things (IOT) solutions, we have preconfigured Azure suites available to quickly create Internet of Things solutions.

Azure Enterprise Portal

EA customers receive access to the Enterprise Portal, which allows customers to manage their usage, accounts and pricing. It includes the following features:

  1. Displays customer purchased Monetary Commitment
  2. Provides summary-level visibility of service usage and costs across all accounts and subscriptions
  3. Sends periodic usage notifications (daily, weekly, or monthly) to inform the customer of their remaining monetary commitment or their monthly overage
  4. Provides ability to download detailed usage records and view costs at the account and subscription levels