This FAQ provides details on typical questions asked by customers during their onboarding and service provision processes for enterprise customer. if you are Online Purchase customers, you can refer to our official azure website at www.azure.cn to get more details through the FAQ on Support Session.


when I got new EA Account, what is the next step?

  1. Please log in EA Portal with your new account to activate the account.
  2. Click ‘manage’-‘account’-add account
  3. Click ‘subscription’-‘Add subscription’
  4. Complete adding subscription, you can use Microsoft Azure.
  5. For detail information, please view the onboarding video https://www.azure.cn/video-center/

Can I associate my existing EA Trial or PIA Azure Account to Enterprise Enrollment?

Yes, you can. Important point to note, all Azure subscriptions for which you’re the account owner will be converted to your enterprise agreement.

I accidently associated my existing Azure account (PIA or EA Trial) with Enterprise enrollment. Can I get back to the PIA or EA Trial account?

NO, you cannot.

Can you explain this jungle of subscription-admins, co-admins, service-admins, the other admins again please?

Enterprise Administrator

The Enterprise Administrator has the highest level of access. They can:

  • Manage Accounts and Account Owners
  • Manage Enterprise Administrators
  • Manage Department Administrators
  • Manage Notification Contacts
  • View usage across all accounts
  • View unbilled charges across all accounts
  • There may be multiple Enterprise Administrators per Enterprise Enrollment
  • All Enterprise Administrators inherit Department Administrator role

Department Administrator

  • Create and manage Departments
  • Create new Account Owners
  • View Usage Details for Departments they manage
  • View Costs if granted necessary permissions
  • There may be multiple Department Administrators per Enterprise Enrollment

Account Owner

  • Create and manage subscriptions
  • Manage Service Administrators
  • View usage for subscriptions

Service Administrator

  • Access and manage subscriptions and development projects on the developer portal


How many subscriptions should I create?

For OSPA customer, up to 199 subscription you are create. If there is no any deployment in your subscription, there will be no charge.

I see subscription name defaults to offer name, should I change the subscription name to something meaningful to my organization?

Any subscription created will default to the offer type you choose; we recommend that you change the subscription name to any name, which makes it easy for you to track the subscription. To change name logon to https://account.windowsazure.cn

  • Click on subscription list
  • Select Subscription
  • Click on Manage Subscription icon
  • Edit subscription details

Is it possible to transfer subscription ownership to another account?

Yes, it is possible to transfer subscription ownership to different account. For example, if an Account A has three subscriptions, the enterprise admin could transfer one subscription to Account B, one to Account C and one to Account D or all to Account E. You can go to EA portal and click on Manage Account, hover over Account (extreme right) and you will see Transfer Ownership (headshot icon) and Transfer Subscription (list icon) option. Note: This option will show only for Active accounts

How to cancel a subscription?


Before cancel subscription, please back up your data.

How to reactive my cancelled subscription?

Customer cannot reactive subscription by themselves. Customer needs to contact 21V customer support for help and they will help reactive subscription.


How to download usage report?

  • log in EA Portal
  • click report>download usage>Advanced Report Download
  • Select Date Range, for example 2016/01/01-2016/05/01
  • Select Account and then click 'Request usage data'
  • there will be 'processing' in the right and you can click Refresh and download the report.

How to check usage in usage summary?

  • From the Enterprise Portal click Reports on the left navigation, and view the Usage Summary tab
  • Select the desired Commitment Term from the drop-down menu of date ranges on the top left
  • Select the desired Period or Month on the graph to view additional detail
  • For the selected month, filter by departments, accounts and subscriptions below the graph
  • Toggle between Charge by Services breakdown and Charge by Hierarchy breakdown
  • View Azure Services, Charges Billed Separately, adjustment, and overage

How to pay overage

There are three methods to pay overage. Overage should be paid through company wire transfer and 21V will issue VAT invoice once receive the overage payment. Please notice that the payment term is 30 days.

  • Pay overage directly
  • Submit annual order to rebill overage
  • Submit additional order to rebill overage

Indirect OSPA customers’ overage will be informed by your partner, customer pay overage directly to partner. After customer pay, partner will issue invoice to customer.


Can I set Spending Quota for department and get alerts as I approach near my limits?

Yes, you can set spending quota at department level and system will automatically notify you as your spending limits meet 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of the quota you define.

To define spending quota, click on the department you want to add spending limit to and click on edit icon. Click on Save to save details.

Can I get the remaining balance notification?

Yes, you can. You can add your email address and select notification Frequency. Based on your notification frequency, system will regularly send notification to your email address.

OSPA Price

How to view my OSPA price?

You can view your price in price sheet and download your price sheet too on EA portal. Indirect OSPA, please consult your partner for price.

Is tax included in the EA Portal price list?

No, it does not include the tax.

What is Price Protection?

Customers are guaranteed to receive prices at or below those indicated in their Customer Price Sheet (CPS) or the price in effect on the effective date of their Azure purchase. This price is referred to as the Baseline price. For services introduced after that purchase, it is the price in effect at the applicable level discount when the service was first introduced. This price protection applies for the duration of the commitment term.

What can I do in EA Portal?

Enterprise Portal is found at https://ea.azure.cn

  • This is where Departments are added/managed
  • This is where Accounts are added
  • This is where usage and cost is viewed and reported

What can I do in Account Portal?

Account Portal is found at https://account.windowsazure.cn

  • This is where subscriptions are created and renamed
  • This is where preview features are added by subscription

What can I do in Management Portal?

  • Azure Portal is found at https://portal.azure.cn
  • This is where Azure services are added to subscriptions
  • This is where Co-Admins are managed

Why new enrollment status is 'Pending' in EA Portal?

When one new enrollment is provisioned, the status should be ‘pending’. Customers need to log in EA Portal with account and status will be changed to active.


How can I apply for SSL certification for my website?

If you have SSL certification request for your website, please contact 21V support team to get help.