OSPA Service Provision

What is Enterprise Portal

Enterprise portal is used by Enterprise Customer (OSPA customers) only, which provide them a portal as platform to manage azure service usage and report under their OSPA enrollment.

When OSPA customer complete their contract process, they can use their OrgID to sign in Enterprise Portal (EA Portal) to manage their services, billings and usage, notification as well as able to set multiple roles per their organization structure required. Those comprehensive customers-facing settings are another favorable benefit to OSPA customers.

The current EA portal in China support 2 business models – Direct OSPA and Indirect OSPA

How to Sign In

As starter, OSPA customer will receive a welcome letter to notify them their enrollment is ready to use. Customer can click the link in welcome email or log in to EA portal https://ea.azure.cn to start Microsoft Azure journey.

steps login

Onboarding Experiences


As OSPA customer, they can set up multiple roles per their organization structure requirement, project requirement, geography requirement or functionality requirement, etc. meanwhile, one OSPA customer can create multiple account and up to 199 subscriptions under each account, account owner also can cross-manage services in subscriptions. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand these terms, it will helpful for customer to build their services.

  • Enterprise Agreement Enrollment - An enrollment in the China Online Service Premium Agreement providing Azure services
  • Enrollment Number - A unique identifier to identify the specific enrollment associated with the OSPA Agreement, start with V570
  • Commitment - An annual monetary amount for Azure services
  • Enterprise Administrator - The person(s) identified to manage departments and department owners and accounts and account owners on Azure. They also can manage enterprise administrators and view usage data, billed quantities and unbilled charges across all accounts and subscriptions associated with the enterprise enrollment
  • Department Administrator —the person(s) identified to manage departments, create new accounts and account owners, view usage details for the departments they manage, and view costs when granted permissions.
  • Account - An organizational unit on the Azure Enterprise Portal used to administer subscriptions and utilized for reporting
  • Account Owner - The person identified to manage subscriptions and service administrators on Microsoft Azure. They also can view usage data on this account and its associated subscriptions
  • Service Administrator - The person identified to access and manage subscriptions and development projects on the Microsoft Azure
  • Subscription - Represents an Azure Enterprise Portal subscription and is a container of Azure services managed by the same Service Administrator.

Based on the current system design, there is no limitation for OSPA customer to create account and each account can create up to 199 subscriptions. As the Account Owner, they can add other Account Owners as Co-Admin to manage the services together. The relationship of each role is summarized in below chart.


Once OSPA customer set up their role and create the subs on EA portal, there are another two portal they will also use: Account Poral and Management Portal.

  1. Account Portal is found at https://account.windowsazure.cn

    • This is where subscriptions are created, renamed and cancelled.
    • This is where customer can add more subscriptions
    • This is where customer can edit their contact information
  2. Management Portal (Classic portal) is found at https://manage.windowsazure.cn

    • This is where all Azure services are added and deployed to subscriptions
    • This is where Co-Admins are added and managed

Please notice that the new Azure Portal (Ibiza Portal ) GA in China on June 2017, this portal is the combination of Management Portal and Account Portal’s functionalities but update to ARM platform.

Ibiza Portal (Azure Portal) is found at: https://portal.azure.cn

  • This is where all Azure services are added and deployed to subscriptions
  • All the new Azure services will land in Ibiza

Please notice that the Management portal (Classic portal) will retired gradually, the new services is no longer landing in Management portal. We highly encourage customer start to use Ibiza portal when deploy the services and moreover, the ARM platform will bring more flexibility on resource management.

For each new onboarding OSPA customer, once their account provisioned in the system, either MS Account Team or 21V support team can contact Microsoft Business Operation team to deliver the onboarding training to the new customers, and to give them comprehensive training regarding on this end to end workflow and how to use Enterprise portal to better manage their services as well as billing.

Besides the end to end onboarding guidance, in terms of customer most care questions and based on the ticket summary, we make a series of help videos which help customer solve their most care question and the issue they might encounter. The videos series uploaded on our website every month to cover different topics: EA portal videos

EA portal videos

Subscription Convert

Subscription conversion means to upgrade non-OSPA subscriptions to OSPA subscriptions. This is a billing logic change action, thus will not impact the service and deployments under the existing subscription at all. Customers could associate trial subscriptions or OSSA subscriptions to their enrollment and the subscriptions will bill against this enrollment. Currently the conversion is one-way only. Once converted to enterprise account, it cannot be convert back to OSSA or trial account.

Subscription conversion

How to Convert

To associate an existing offer with the enrollment, it requires confirmation of account ownership.

  • Step1. Enterprise admin add the org ID as an account owner in the enterprise portal
  • Step 2. The owner of the organization ID provided in the above step will receive a notification that they have been invited to activate their account in the Enrollment.
  • Step 3. Confirm Account Ownership by signing in to the Enterprise Portal with the Account Owner organization ID provided. Receipt of email notification is not required for login. Account Owners can log in by going to Enterprise Portal.

Ending Balance Transfer

As above mentioned, the benefits under customers’ subscriptions will lose once converted to OSPA paid account, system cannot support carry over the left ending balance automatically from PIA account to OSPA paid account. Thus, if there is any remaining balance in the previous OSSA account, customers should sign amendment to request transfer the balance to their enrollment.