Purchase Programs

There are two ways of purchasing Microsoft Azure service with 21Vianet in China: Online Service Standard Agreement (OSSA) and Online Service Premium Agreement (OSPA).

  • OSSA is an online contracting process for customers making purchase online directly.

  • OSPA, it is intended for large enterprise customers with minimum monetary commitment. Enterprise customers can work through Microsoft account team for details for the contractual agreement. Moreover, customers can also purchase OSPA through a partner. This will be an agreement signed among 21Vianet, Microsoft Indirect Partner and China Enterprise Customer, this purchase model is called Indirect OSPA.

Online Service Standard Agreement (OSSA)

OSSA is available to a customer who wants to purchase Azure online through Azure.cn. It’s an Pay-in-advanced model where a minimal monetary commitment is required. There are currently two types of OSSA offers:

  • 1RMB trial: one new user can benefit once with 1,500 RMB Azure credits for usage within 1 month by paying 1 RMB. The subscription can be upgraded to Pay-in-Advance (PIA) any time before the subscription is deleted. This is a promotional offer and subject to program availability.
  • PIA: users can purchase a PIA subscription directly for Azure services w/o going thru 1RMB trial. The Azure credit is equal to the amount paid upfront. The credit amount created per each transaction will be valid for 12 months. There is a minimal commitment subject to the payment instrument users select.

Per Chinese regulation, OSSA customers need to pass real-name authentication. So, users should prepare either Chinese citizenship ID No. and soft copy of the ID card, or state-registered business license No. and soft copy of the license, and China local mobile phone numbers for signing up an Azure account. For more details, users can refer to Customer Purchase Process of OSSA section.

Online Service Premium Agreement (OSPA)

OSPA is designed for China Enterprise Customer who required to purchase Azure through contractual process with 3 years contract period and minimum annual commitment. OSPA agreement required to signed between 21Vianet and Enterprise Customers. OSPA support Two business model: Direct OSPA and Indirect OSPA. The key difference between these two models is whom the customers is doing the business and billing. Direct OSPA is the agreement signed between 21Vianet and customers who pay the commitment directly to 21Vianet.

Indirect Online Service Premium Agreement (Indirect OSPA)

Aside from purchase Azure directly from 21 Vianet via OSPA, China Enterprise customer can choose to purchase Azure Online Service Premium Agreement (OSPA) through a partner where fits the needs. This will be an agreement signed among 21Vianet, Microsoft Indirect Partner, and China Enterprise Customer.

Indirect OSPA terms are the same as OSPA, it is typically 3-year commitment and annual payment with flexile purchase and billing options. Indirect OSPA partners will assist you as customer along your buying to using journey includes pre-sales consultancy, provide quotation based on your purchase plan, potentially integrate with partner’s solutions with Microsoft Azure, billing & invoice, services. All pricing of Azure services and related partner service will be provided by partners. 21Vianet and Microsoft are not involved in the billing process with customer directly.

High level comparison between OSPA and Indirect OSPA

Direct OSPA Indirect OSPA
Agreements Customer signs OSPA Agreement packages directly with 21V Customer signs Commercial Contract with Partner and Indirect OSPA Agreement T&Cs with 21V
Agreement Duration 3 years 3 years
Pricing/Quotation Microsoft Sales Team Indirect Partner
Billing & Payment Customer pays direct to 21V Customer pays to Indirect Partner
Support 21V Support 21V supports except Billing which will support from Partners