Azure Global Purchase Process Guidance

Editor's Note:

The purpose of this Azure Global Service Purchase Guide is aimed to provide an overview of purchasing process and getting started experience for China users considering Azure Global service. It is written upon a customer journey perspective: including information collection, trial, purchase, usage management, and support, divided by different purchase channels available to customers.

Readers' Tips

If you are new to Azure Global service, you are recommended to start with the beginning, since the first 3 sections containing Azure Global Service Overview, Purchase Option and SLA&Supports can provide you with a general introduction of the service, available purchase options and general service agreement.

If you are currently a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customer, or ready to commit to an annual agreement with Microsoft and pre-pay the software and or service, the Purchase Process of Purchase Process of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement & Server and Cloud Enrollment is designed to guide you through the entire purchase process.

If you prefer self-purchase online with Pay-as-You-Go model, the section of Web Direct will help you understand the complete process and provide an overview of getting started experience.

If you would like to buy Azure Global service through a partner who can provide you the consultancy, management services, or tailor-made requirements on Cloud, you can contact Microsoft local sales representatives, they will referral you for partners’ assistance.

Furthermore, no matter how you want to subscribe and use Azure service, you can find all detailed information on Azure Global Website. This purchase guidance is the high-level summary designed to help you obtain the information faster and more efficient.