Azure Global Service Purchase Options

There are three main options for customer to purchase Azure Global Service:

  • Pay as You Go (PAYG) Customers pay per what they used. No minimum quantity or upfront costs is required. Customers can self-help to start or terminate the service through Azure Portal. This is applicable to Web Direct customers for Azure Services, customers using Azure Marketplace service, and EA customer’s overage billing.

  • Monetary Commitment (MC) Customers allocate funds and pay in advance for Azure Services per their enterprise contract with Microsoft. Both enterprise contract and CSP customers can use MC for Azure Services only.

  • Azure Plans (Prepay for committed services) Customers pay up front for longer term commitments to specific services or groupings of services (such as Azure Plans*), including non-consumption offers like Azure supports, pre-configured services like Azure Active Directory, and some suite services like OMS, EMS, IoT suite.

    • Web Direct customers can additionally purchase Azure Support Plans which is part of Azure Plans
    • Enterprise contract and CSP customers could purchase any kind of Azure Plans listed above.