ARM Template Best Practice Guide

This article provides Azure users with a guide to best practice for ARM templates. The article explains a number of example ARM templates, giving you an understanding of the theory and practice of ARM template development. If you are unfamiliar with ARM template development, this article is a good place to start. If you wish to improve your existing skills, this article is also a useful reference. Please note that the scope of “Azure” within this article is limited to China.

This series of explanations is organized into three main sections: requirements, scenarios, and template instances. If you are unfamiliar with ARM template development, it is important to read Your First ARM Template below first.

Your First ARM template

This template instance uses the example of creating a VM with a data disk and multiple NICs to explain the basic concepts of ARM template development and the basic tools required. The article also explains ARM template instances, the elements used in development, and the issues that may be encountered, so that you can quickly become familiar with the development of ARM templates. Please refer to the following:

Create a VM with a Data Disk and Multiple NICs

Other ARM templates TBD