Azure Marketplace Sales Lead Generation & Business Intelligence Insight

Azure Marketplace, which is operated by 21Vianet, is a unified portal for displaying Microsoft partner products and services. You can make full use of the functions of Azure Marketplace to expand and accelerate services, and enable leads to bring about potential new customer sales opportunities. You can also use business intelligence insight to boost the value of services and increase the size of transactions.

1. Lead Management

Please ensure that you have enabled Lead Management in the Service Provider Portal within Azure Marketplace, so that you can receive contact information for Azure Marketplace customers. For details, see Azure Marketplace Leads, and the sections on leads in the Virtual Machine Image Publication Guide and the ARM Template Publication Guide.You can use this potential customer base to provide customers with further product and technical support, as well as to implement marketing campaigns and perform subsequent sales work.

Best practice for using this potential customer information includes:

  • Find suitable potential customers and identify them as sales leads
  • Maintain them and add them to customer lists
  • Adjust your marketing campaign strategy based on the results

As these potential customers have expressed interest in your products/services on the Azure Marketplace and the associated technologies, you can use the information to find customers with a higher level of loyalty.

2. Business Intelligence Insight


The “Business Intelligence Insight” functions of Service Provider Portal provide a Power BI-based dashboard with powerful features that allow you to view overviews of product/service performance and see detailed usage information for apps. Reports available in this section include:

  • App deployment and usage information
  • Customer growth trends
  • Detailed orders, usage purposes and customer data (available soon)
  • Filter customer usage information using multiple conditions (e.g. time, VM type)
  • Export data The best practice is to compare the information in these reports with your internal data and use all this data to determine the level of priority for marketing campaigns.

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