About Azure

When a 1 RMB account expires, can I copy the resources in it to another account?

No, you cannot copy the resource in a 1 RMB account to another account when it expires, but you can apply and pay to upgrade to a standard account.

Do I need to pay to upgrade a 1 RMB account?

1 RMB accounts have certain limitations in terms of credit amounts and time.If the balance on your 1 RMB account is insufficient, you need to renew payment to finish publishing; if your balance is insufficient or your account expires, the account may be deleted.We therefore recommend that you upgrade the 1 RMB account to safeguard your image update and testing requirements. Details of the 1 RMB trial account subscription.

What is the difference between A-series virtual machines (VMs) and D-series VMs?

For information about the differences between types of VMs, see VM pricing details

Do you know of any resources that could answer their questions about VMs?

To get support for Azure configuration and development issues, contact 21Vianet customer service.

I cannot ping an external network from my VM. Can my VM connect to the external network?

Yes, it can connect to the external network.For more information, see the relevant technical documentation, particularly Use port pings instead of ICMP to test Azure VM connectivity.

I forgot my Azure account password. How can I recover it?

To recover your password, follow the procedure on the sign-in page. If your account is not a super account, you can ask the super account administrator to reset your password, or you can contact 21Vianet customer service.