General Issues and FAQ

Azure Marketplace service provider registration for ISVs

You can complete the registration process to become an Azure Marketplace service provider entirely online. You may publish services on Azure Marketplace only after you have registered to become a service provider. Your Azure Marketplace account must be an Azure China account that is operated by 21Vianet, and you must register on the China version of Azure.

For legal reasons, only organizations that own a physical entity within China, such as a company or branch company, can register to become service providers on the Azure Marketplace.

An Azure account name is not required during the registration process, but we recommend that you apply for an Azure account before you register for the Azure Marketplace. If you have not applied for an account, you will be unable to sign in and publish images immediately, even if you have registered.

Of course, if you do not enter your Azure account name, our customer service team will contact you after you have registered to help you apply for an Azure account and complete the process of binding the account to the Azure Market.

Register for an Azure account

There are two ways to register for an Azure account: a 1 RMB subscription account and a standard subscription account. If you register for a 1 RMB subscription account, you can convert it to a standard subscription account later.> [!NOTE] > Accounts are not interchangeable between the China and global versions of Azure.

For more information about Azure account registration and useful links, see Getting Started on Azure Guide.

All accounts that you apply for through Azure are super-administrators. Super-administrators can designate users or ordinary administrators.Super-administrators can sign in to the Azure account management site to view resource consumption.

Issues to note with regard to 1 RMB trial accounts:

  1. You must pay 1 RMB after you register for a 1 RMB account, otherwise the account will not be allocated a subscription and VM test deployment on the Azure Marketplace will not be possible.
  2. Please also note that there are limitations on the balance and remaining time for 1 RMB accounts, as explained in 1 RMB trial subscription details and limitations.
  3. For information about standard Pay-in-advance(PIA) subscriptions, see: Standard Pay-in-advance(PIA) products

Create, test, and publish images

You can create images and publish official reference documents for images.

  1. There are two ways to create images, but we usually recommend creating them on Azure unless you need to customize the operating system.
  2. If you are creating an Azure Resource Manager template, we recommend that you test it on Azure first by using PowerShell or the Azure CLI tool, and then publish the Resource Manager file on the Azure Marketplace. This approach makes it easier to test the Resource Manager template and fix any errors. We also recommend that you use this method if you are creating single-machine images locally. You can download the PowerShell and Azure CLI tools by going to Azure command line tools
  3. You can view details in the Azure portal or Azure Account Subscription Management.

Whether you are performing an ISV registration process, an image publication process, or an image deployment process, you can usually complete the entire process online.

What is Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is an online app and service marketplace through which startups and independent software vendors (ISVs) can provide solutions to Azure customers.

What are the advantages of Azure Marketplace?

The Azure Marketplace and Azure partner ecosystem form a unified platform through which you can deliver better service to your customers and partners.With just a few clicks, you can improve your existing experience and make it even easier to search for, purchase, and deploy a wide range of apps and services.

What types of products are available on Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace currently provides virtual machines (VM), Resource Manager templates, and a custom services and solution center.