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Azure Marketplace service provider registration for ISVs

You can complete the registration process to become an Azure Marketplace service provider entirely online. You may publish services on Azure Marketplace only after you have registered to become a service provider. Your Azure Marketplace account must be an Azure China account that is operated by 21Vianet, and you must register on the China version of Azure.

For legal reasons, only organizations that own a physical entity within China, such as a company or branch company, can register to become service providers on the Azure Marketplace.

An Azure account name is not required during the registration process, but we recommend that you apply for an Azure account before you register for the Azure Marketplace. If you have not applied for an account, you will be unable to sign in and publish images immediately, even if you have registered.

Of course, if you do not enter your Azure account name, our customer service team will contact you after you have registered to help you apply for an Azure account and complete the process of binding the account to the Azure Market.

Register for an Azure account

Register Azure account here Microsoft Azure - Intelligent Security Trusted Hybrid Global Azure Platform (

What is Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is an online app and service marketplace through which startups and independent software vendors (ISVs) can provide solutions to Azure customers.

What types of products are available on Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace currently provides virtual machines (VM), Resource Manager templates, and a custom services and solution center.

After an application service has been installed and deployed on a VM, how can I publish the service to Azure Marketplace?

Sign in to your Azure account and finish creating the image, and then sign in to Azure Marketplace to publish your image. For more information, please refer to the Azure Image Creation Guide and Publish VM images.

Do I need to enter a detailed description at the image testing stage? Do I need to upload a user manual? If I need to make modifications, are there any examples to use for reference?

You can fill in the detailed description at the testing stage, but you can also fill it in after the image has been successfully tested. It is up to the service provider to decide whether to upload a user manual, but as a general principle, the more detailed your product documentation is, the better. For more information about entering and modifying detailed product information, see products already published on Azure Marketplace. For specific standards, please refer to the “VM content standards” in Publish VM images.

What is Azure Resource Manager?

For information about Resource Manager, see the official Azure Resource Manager overview document.

What is the relationship between Azure Marketplace for China and Azure Marketplace for other regions? Do images published in the China Azure Marketplace appear in the Azure portal for other regions?

The China Azure Marketplace currently operates separately from Azure Marketplace in other regions, so images in the China Azure Marketplace do not appear on Azure Marketplace and the Azure portal for other regions, and vice versa.

What are the conditions for publishing content on Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace partners must have services that are relevant to the developers and IT specialists who produce apps on Azure and run the associated services. The partners must also provide to customers a Service Level Agreement (SLA), a privacy policy, and phone and online support.

Are there any fees associated with publishing on Azure Marketplace?

No fees are charged for publishing on Azure Marketplace.

How can I report content infringements?

You can report content infringement activity through the Azure Marketplace feedback system, and Azure Marketplace will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

In which countries/regions can publishers sell on Azure Marketplace?

Publishers with headquarters, subdivisions, or representatives/distributors in China can sell on the Azure Image Marketplace.

Why should I consider publishing apps on Azure Marketplace? How will it benefit me?

Azure Marketplace is a market that's provided to publishers to promote and sell products and services to customers. You gain instant access to the China Azure enterprise customer base, including more than 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies and many of the world’s leading developers.


If you have any questions about this documentation, please submit user feedback in the Azure Marketplace.