Edit, delete, and publish new versions

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Once the image is published, you can go to All Offers to find all the images that have been submitted or published and edit, update, and delete your images or the SKUs within them.

1. Edit function

Only display fields can be edited. The metadata of the image and SKU itself cannot be modified. As a result, the offer ID and Publisher ID in the offer Settings cannot be modified once they have been published. The SKU ID, operating system VHD URL, and billing model in SKUs cannot be modified. Note: After editing and saving, you will need to republish before the content displayed on Azure Marketplace will be updated.

2. Delete function

The “Delete” feature can be used in two situations. If the offer or SKU has not yet been published, you can press the “Delete” button to delete the relevant content. If you want to delete an offer or SKU that has already been published, you need to request deletion by manually completing the Image Deletion Request form. Please note that after deleting the image or SKU, the image or SKU is not recoverable.

3. Publish new versions

The offer ID, Publisher ID, and SKU ID cannot be changed when a new version is published.

3.1 Publish a new version of a VM image

When updating a VM image, if you need to modify the text content or images, please refer to the relevant content of Publish VM images for the content format. Updating the VM image version is mainly to upgrade the image itself, so be sure to upload a new VHD file. Update the VHD file by clicking the "New VM Image" button in SKUs and entering the new version number and VHD link address in the new UI that pops up.

3.2 Publish a new version of an ARM template

When updating an ARM template, if you need to modify the text content or images, please refer to the relevant content of Publish ARM templates for the content format. If the content of the ARM template itself changes, you need to click the "Add New Solution Template Definition" button under SKUs, then enter the new version number and upload a new zip package.

3.3 Publish a new version of a custom service

To update a custom service, you only need to edit the content that needs to be updated in the custom service, then resubmit it for publishing to update the version content. Please refer to Publish custom services for the content format.

4. Compare function

If you are making changes to Offers that have already been published, you can use the “Compare” function to review the changes you have made. Click on the “Compare” button to use this function at any time during the editing process.


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