Regulations in China

China has various laws and regulations governing Internal and Cloud operations:

  • Key government organizations including Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, State Council, Cyberspace Administration of China, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), MPS (Ministry of Public Security) and MNS (Ministry of National Security) play as key stakeholders on specific ICT and cyber security regulations and laws.
  • The National People's Congress and Standing Committee of the National People's Congress are the key legislators to approve China laws, such as China Anti-Terrorism Law and Cybersecurity Law. The State Council and its relevant department, e.g. MIIT, normally develop and approve regulations in ICT and emerging cloud service areas.
  • MPS and MNS are the law enforcement agencies which focus to prevent and enforce laws against illegal actions, while MPS also publish their own regulations for enforcement.

To comply with the laws and regulations, the experience of purchasing (such as registering a web site, sign up for a public account …etc.) might be different vs. the experience globally. This Guidance only provides some basic background. For official laws and regulations, please refer to each China government organization’s official public announcements.