About Azure China Marketplace

The Azure China Marketplace holds repository for online images and services developed by ISVs from startups to enterprises, offering solutions to Azure customers in China. Through the Azure China Marketplace, ISVs can distribute and sell their virtual machine images, ARM Template and Customize Service to IT professionals and developers who want to quickly develop their cloud-based applications and solutions on Azure.

Azure China Marketplace Operated by 21Vianet in China

Azure China Marketplace is an instance of China Azure which is operated by a third-party entity (21Vianet), and completely isolated from Global Azure. Please refer to “Azure China Operation” from the “Azure Global Partner Go China Guidance” for details regarding the China Azure.

The difference between Global Azure Marketplace and Azure China Marketplace

Although based on similar technology, global Azure Marketplace and China Marketplace operates independently. Hence they heavily differentiate on legal requirements, offering types, onboarding and publishing processes as well as pricing model and support.

  • Legal requirement

  • Pricing model and supported offering types

  • Publisher and Customer support

  • Functional gaps between Azure China and global Azure marketplace, see below table:

    Functions Global AMP China AMP
    Billing Yes In Planning
    Seller insight Yes In Planning
    Leads Gen Yes In Planning
    Test Drive Yes In Planning
    Cloud Partner Portal Yes In Planning
  • Global Azure and China Azure Services Asymmetry

    China Azure is a separate instance of Azure operated by 21Vianet. There are differences in the availability of Azure services, compared to that of Global Azure. Check this link which is a summary table based on service parity, essentially comparing Global Azure to Azure China (Differences highlighted in red).

What is the Benefit of onboarding to Azure China Marketplace?

Marketplace is the launch pad provided by Microsoft for both go-to-market activities as well as a flywheel for business growth. There are no fees for participating in the Marketplace. Our goal is to connect Microsoft customers with the best solutions that our partner ecosystem offers. Take advantage of Azure China Marketplace capabilities to grow your business:

  • Sell your solutions to a growing Azure market customer base in China with an expansive portfolio of solutions on Azure.
  • Enhance business value and highlight differentiation, create new sales opportunities and increase deal size with existing and new customer accounts.
  • Tap into a wider range of potential customers by selling Marketplace applications and services. The Marketplace can make it easier to find and retain new customers in China.
  • Enhance the market value for channel with endorsement from MS branding and Co-Sell with Microsoft sales.