Become a publisher on Azure China Marketplace

Once you have gone through and passed all the legal and product pre-requisites, you can go through the detailed instructions on how to publish to Marketplace.

Marketplace Onboarding Steps Time Description
Register as publisher 2-3 days ISV needs to login ISV portal with China Azure account, something like On ISV portal, ISV can provide company profile, such as: the local entity name, offers introduction and target users. Then, ISV submits the registration and request for approval. 21Vianet will review the company profile of ISV and verify the registration info, post which they will approve or reject the application. Once approved, the ISV publishing account will be activated.
Submit offer 30 mins When an ISV submits offers, the images will be uploaded to a storage account that the ISV owns in China Azure, the ARM template will be uploaded to the publishing portal directly. The offers information should be completed through the publishing forms, such as pricing mode, legal teams and product manual or other docs. Then, ISV can submit the offer and apply for onboarding.
Pre-publishing offer 5-10 days 21Vianet will test the offer in sandbox environment. The Image or ARM should be deployed correctly. The description of marketing and pricing should be finalized. The offer terms should align with the publishing guidelines. After that, the offer will be published to production environment in preview state. ISV will be notified to test the pre-published offer in China Azure portal.
Go live 2-3 days If the pre-published offer runs correctly, 21Vianet will make a final review and approve the publishing application.

English Get Started Guide is here: