General Requirements for Being Listed on the China Marketplace

Global ISVs interested in selling products based or deployed on China Azure via Marketplace needs to acknowledge and abide by some legal requirements. Also, there are two legal documents, Participation Policies and Publisher Agreement, which need to be acknowledged as a prerequisite.

  • Azure China Marketplace Participation Policies described the terms and conditions for all publishers and offerings to comply, which include base criteria, publishing offerings, offer listing, offering definitions, pricing model and suspend/remove offering. Azure China Marketplace Publishers must comply with the policies described and/or referenced in this document in order to be listed on the Azure China Marketplace. The full English and Chinese version of Policy Document can be access here:
  • Azure China Marketplace Publisher Agreement describes the relationship between publishers and 21Vianet and governs publishers’ publication of any offering within the Azure China Image Marketplace. The full English and Chinese version of Policy Document can be access here:

Business Scenarios for Global ISV

Part of the global expansion strategy for global companies is to expand business China. China government has certain regulations and compliance requirements for multinational companies to run business in China. Azure China Marketplace publishers (ISV) must have a business presence in China. Alternatively, some global partners also work in a agent based model which is to involve a local agent also called solution aggregator that can both host ISVs solutions and provide support to the customers. Below section describes some such business scenarios that global ISVs might come across:

  • Already had a local entity in China:

    Global ISVs who have a subsidiary or branch/Rep office in China, can onboard to Azure China Marketplace using the local entity’s business license. Information to be furnished for the same:

    • Enterprise Business License E-copy
    • Organization Code
    • Company Name
    • Company Website
    • Company email
    • Company Address
    • Company Contact person
  • Don’t have any presence in China:

    Global ISVs who do not have any local presence can choose to partner with a local agent. The local agent requires to be registered as a publisher of Azure China Marketplace on behalf of the global ISV. The global ISV’s product can be listed on the Marketplace but the publisher’s name will be that of the local agent. The local agent can manage, update, remove apps and products on behalf of global ISV, as well as provide service and technical support to their customers. In this case, the information required will be:

    • Agent Authorization Agreement between GISV and Agent
    • Agent’s Enterprise Business License E-copy
    • Agent’s Organization Code
    • Agent’s Company Name
    • Agent’s Company Website
    • Agent’s Company email
    • Agent’s Company Address
    • Agent’s Company Contact person

Requirements on Global ISV’s products/services

Besides the legal requirements, there are also the requirements regarding your product or services. The software and services offered in the Azure China Marketplace must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Run on Microsoft China Azure. The primary function of the software or service must run on Microsoft China Azure operated by 21 Vianet.
  • Deployable to Microsoft China Azure. Publishers must describe in their offering listing information how to deploy their software or service onto Microsoft China Azure operated by 21 Vianet.
  • Integrate with or extend a Microsoft China Azure service. Publishers must indicate in their offering listing information which Azure service the software or service integrates with or extends and how the software or service integrates or extends the Azure service.

Prerequisites for Azure China Marketplace Publishing

Requirement Details
Participation Policies Review Azure China Marketplace Service Provider Agreement here.
Review Azure China ISV policy here.
Integration with Microsoft Azure Marketplace offers should leverage or extend Microsoft Azure services such as Compute, Networking, or Storage, and align with existing Azure Marketplace category guidelines for Databases, Security, Networking, etc.
Audience Azure Marketplace offers are for IT Pros, Cloud Developers, or other technical customer roles operating within China Azure.
Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Your Privacy Policy must be available via a public URL and your Terms of Use must be available as text during publishing.
Support Your Offer must include a publicly available support URL where customers can also find help. For Trials, support must be provided at no additional cost for the Trial period.
Azure-compatible virtual hard disk (VHD) Virtual Machines must be built using Windows or Linux.
Easily configurable, turnkey solution Your app must be intuitive as well as easy to configure and set up.

Resources and investment required for Global ISV

Selling your products/services on Azure China Marketplace requires the global ISVs to provision resources and investment as listed below:

  • Engineering Team to create/build/test/upgrade your offering.
  • Marketing Team for registering as a publisher, manage product information and GTM campaign for your offering on Marketplace.
  • Customer Support team to provide support for your customers. Detailed commitment for ISV customer’s support is enclosed in Publisher Agreement.
  • China Azure Account for GISV as publisher: You must have a China Azure Account to create and test your offer like VHD images or ARM template. Then, you can use this account to login to ISV publisher portal to publish, update, upgrade or remove your offers on marketplace. You can refer to the China Azure purchase program for how to get China Azure Account.