Azure China Marketplace Offering and Pricing Model

Types of offerings supported on Azure China Marketplace

Virtual Machine Image Pre-configured virtual machine (VM) image with a fully installed operating system and one or more applications. Virtual Machine Image offerings include a single VM image.
A virtual machine image (“Image”) provides the information necessary to create and deploy virtual machines in the Azure Virtual Machines service. An Image comprises of an operating system virtual hard drive and zero or more data disk virtual hard drives. Customers can deploy any number of virtual machines from a single Image.
ARM Template Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template that can reference multiple, distinct offerings, including offerings published by other publishers, to enable Azure customers to deploy one or more offerings in a single, coordinated fashion.
An “Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template” is a data structure that references one or more Offerings and includes metadata about the Offering(s), including associated Listing Information. ARM Templates are used by the Marketplace Service to display and enable Customers to deploy certain categories of Offerings. Publishers may publish ARM Templates to Marketplace that reference multiple, distinct Offerings, including Offerings published by other publishers.
Customize Service A “Customize Service” is an Offering that is not available to Customers directly. Its deployable through the Marketplace and Azure portal, the Marketplace displays a link/icon, and/or description directing Customers to your website or providing instructions on how Customers may obtain and use the Offering in Azure. For clarity, any software or data referenced by a Catalog-Only Listing is considered Offering Contents for purposes of this Agreement.

Pricing Model for Azure China Marketplace

There is no direct monetary transaction provided by China Marketplace. Current pricing models for the Azure China Marketplace include free offer, free trial and BYOL offer.

  • Free: Customers are not charged by Azure China Marketplace fees for use of their offering.
  • Free Trial: Customers are not charged by Azure China Marketplace fees for use of the offering in a limited period or with limited functions for trial or testing purposes.
  • BYOL: “Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) Offering” means an Offering for which Customers have already obtained outside of the Marketplace the right to access or use the Offering.