How to Reduce Costs Further

  1. Turn resources off once you finish using them, and check your bills regularly. As you use Microsoft Azure, we would like to ensure that you understand the billing rules for every key service, so that you can avoid unnecessary costs. For example, you can suspend billing for a VM by putting it in a “deallocated” state; and your CPP will only be billed if you need to select standard VMs.
  2. Read notification emails promptly so that you find out about the latest service promotions and policies. Azure Services sends a regular monthly notification email to customers to help customers stay up to date about new services and price changes. If you want to try services in preview mode or find out the latest pricing information, please check your email regularly and update the services you need to use in real time based on the latest information.
  3. Suggestions and Recommendations We provide enterprise customers who have signed premium service agreements with 20 TB of free inbound traffic, while standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) customers are provided with 1 TB of free incoming traffic. If you are a premium service agreement customer, you can purchase CPP (Compute Pre-purchase) to save on VM costs, as well as enjoying other benefits such as AHUB (Azure Hybrid Usage Benefit). For details, please contact your Microsoft representative or call our service hotline directly.

Understanding Bills

Whether you are an online service premier customer or a standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) customer, you can refer to the links below to get support and more information about any account or billing questions that arise during your use of Azure Services.