Download usage details for Enterprise Agreement customers


This article applies only to Enterprise Agreement customers. Learn how to become an Enterprise Agreement customer.

Enterprise Agreement customers can sign in to the Enterprise Portal to view usage history during the term of the contract, as well as details of the remaining balance. The usage figures in the system might be up to five days behind. You can check the cutoff dates by using the download usage function. The Enterprise Portal provides customers with three ways of checking: monthly report downloads, advanced report downloads, and API access keys. Monthly reports and advanced reports provide details of the service content, service usage, and corresponding costs for each department, account, and subscription up to the cutoff date in the report.

You can download reports by doing the following

  1. Sign in to Azure portal, and then select Reports in the left pane.


  2. In the Details view, select Download usage.

Option 1: Monthly report download

Report name Content
Balance and charges Available amounts and charges for the current contract month
Usage details Service usage details for the current month
Price list Prices corresponding to all services for the current month

Monthly report download

Option 2: Advanced report downloads

Advanced report downloads give you the option to filter reports by dates and accounts.

  1. Select the date range that you want to view
  2. Select the account that you want to view
  3. Select Request usage data.
  4. A download link appears at the right.
  5. Select Download.

Download usage details

Option 3: API access key

You can access information about usage and charges by using the REST API or the JSON API. To enable API access permissions, the enterprise administrator must generate a key from the Enterprise Portal. Anyone in possession of the contract number and access key can access the API. For more information about the process, see the Report API help files in the Enterprise Portal.

Download usage details

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