Apply for a Chinese tax invoice

Customers who purchased an Azure subscription online can request a Chinese tax invoice from 21Vianet within 3 days of remitting payment.This article describes the process of invoice system registration and the procedure for requesting invoices.The specific procedure for requesting invoices is shown below. The process takes approximately 5 working days.

Invoice request process

Log on to the invoice system

  • After you have remitted payment, you will receive an order confirmation email that includes a link for requesting invoices. Follow the link to the 21Vianet invoice information management system, and then register.

    Order confirmation

  • In the Azure Account Center, select the subscription that you want to view and then, on the Payment History page, select Manage Fapiao.

    View subscriptions in the Azure Account Center

Register on the invoice system

  1. Get the order ID

    Sign in to the Azure portal, select Subscription, select the subscription that you want to get an invoice for, and then select Manage. The page will automatically take you to the Account Center, where you can get the order number details.

    Log on to the Azure Pptal and click on Subscriptions

    Get the subscription order number details

  2. Register the invoice system account name, and then enter the registration details, including the order number, email address, and password.

    Register on the invoice system

  3. When registration is complete, the system sends an activation email message to the registered email address that you provided. In the email message, activate the account by selecting the activation link.

    Activate the invoice system account

Process for requesting a Chinese tax invoice

  1. Sign in with the account name and password that you registered in the invoice system. Under My bills, select the accounts that you need invoices for, and then select Request bill.

    Check the accounts that you need invoices for in “My bills”

  2. Select the invoice type and enter the invoice details required for the particular invoice type.Please note that the content that you enter here must correspond to the identity details that you used when you registered for Azure.The details that you entered the first time are automatically provided when you sign in for the second time.

    Select the invoice type

  3. Enter the invoice posting details.You can also choose to collect the invoice in person from 21Vianet’s Shanghai offices, which are located at No. 657, Tower 3, German Center, Keyuan 88 Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The contact person is Qinqin Zhu (tel.: 021-28986102).

    Enter the mailing information for the invoice

  4. Check to ensure that the information is correct, and then select Confirm.

    Confirm the invoice details

  5. Your request will be processed within two working days.You can check on the progress at any time by signing in to the invoice system and selecting My invoices.If invoices are in short supply, the system will notify you with an estimate of how long it will take to send the invoice.

    Check progress

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