Download monthly usage details

Azure users can get a usage report through the platform. The report includes monthly usage volume remittance with estimated cost, and daily usage volume for each service.This operation permission is restricted to account administrators who have purchased subscriptions online.


This article applies only to users who have purchased a subscription online. If you have signed an Enterprise Agreement, download the detailed usage report (.csv file) for the month or the customized time period from the Enterprise Portal.For details, see the article Find out how to download usage details for Enterprise Agreement customers.If you obtained your subscription from a partner, ask the partner how to obtain usage reports.

  1. You can access the monthly usage report download page by doing either of the following:

    Method 1: Sign in to the Azure Portal, and then do the following: a. Select Subscription, and then select the subscription that you want to manage. b. In the Overview window, select Manage.

    Manage subscriptions in Azure Portal

    Method 2: Sign in to the Azure Account Center, select the subscription that you want to view, and then do the following:

    View subscriptions in the Azure Account Center

  2. a. Select Download usage details.

    Download usage details

  3. b. Select Download Usage for the required account period.

    Download usage details

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