Pay for a standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) subscription by wire transfer

If you purchased a standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) subscription online, you can top up the subscription balance via Alipay, UnionPay Online, or wire transfer. If you choose either of the first two payment methods, you will complete the payment process through a third-party payment platform. If you choose to pay by wire transfer, you can find out more about the process by reading this article. A wire transfer involves banking services, and every bank has a different process. If you urgently need to top up your subscription, choose either an Alipay or UnionPay Online payment method.


At this time, you can make top-up payments for Azure services in the China region only in Chinese yuan (CNY).

  1. Go to the payment page, and select Wire Transfer as the payment method. The minimum amount for payments by wire transfer is RMB 5,000.

    First-time purchases of standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) subscriptions

  2. The page displays an explanation of the wire transfer procedure. Copy your Azure subscription ID for use in the next step.

    Explanation of the wire transfer procedure

  3. Remit your payment by using your remittance account details, and note your Azure subscription ID on the remittance form. You can also log on to the Azure Account Center, select the name of subscription that you want to allocate the top-up payment to, and look up the “Subscription ID” at the right side of the page.

    Chinese English
    Bank HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, Beijing Branch HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, Beijing Branch
    Account name Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.
    Bank account no. 626-144927-011 626-144927-011
  4. You will receive an “Order Notification” email message within two working days of submitting the order. If you have already completed the wire transfer, please reply to the email and include the content that you are prompted for. You can also enter the remittance information directly and email it to, so that we can verify your payment history as quickly as possible and add the top-up amount to your subscription.

    • Subscription ID
    • Remittance amount
    • Remittance date
    • Remitting bank account no.
    • Name of remitter (the remitter named on the remittance document)
    • Company name
    • Contact mobile phone number
  5. After your payment history has been verified, you will receive a “Purchase Confirmation” message, and you will be able to view the top-up amount in the subscription account.

    View top-up amounts in the subscription accounts

    Note: after the remittance reaches the account and the remittance details are matched with the preceding information, we will top up your subscription account within two working days. To view details of the wire transfer at any time, go to the Azure Account Center, and then select the order that you paid for, as shown in the following image: View wire transfer operations

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