Recharge for standard Pay-in-advance(PIA) subscription

If you are a standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) subscription user, you will need to top up your account before the subscription service usage balance is used up. This action helps ensure the continuity of your business operations.Standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) subscriptions support three methods of payment: Alipay, UnionPay Online Payment, and wire transfer. All three methods have minimum top-up amount rules.Only payments in Chinese yuan (CNY) are currently accepted for Microsoft Azure services operated by 21Vianet.This article explains the balance top-up process for users of standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) subscriptions.

  1. Go to the Azure China website, select Log on to the Azure portal at the upper right, and then select Subscription in the left pane.

    The Azure China website

  2. Select the subscription that you need to top up.

    Select the subscription that you need to top up

  3. To manage the method of payment, select Payment method.

    Manage the method of payment

  4. Select Recharge.

    Select Recharge

  5. Go to the payment page, select the method of payment that you want to use on this occasion, and complete the operation.

    Select the payment method that you want to use on this occasion

    Select the payment method that you want to use on this occasion


    The minimum amount for online payments (including Alipay and UnionPay) is 1,000 RMB, and the minimum amount for wire transfers is 5,000 RMB. For more information about the wire transfer process, see.You can change the payment method as required for subsequent subscription upgrades.

  6. After you've made the payment, the system automatically takes you to the account management page, where you can view the available usage balance and remaining days of service.If you select payment by wire transfer, you will be notified by email when the system has successfully topped up your balance.

    Wire transfer interface

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