Roles in the Enterprise Portal


This article applies only to Enterprise Agreement customers. Learn how to become an Enterprise Agreement customer.

If you have purchased an Azure Enterprise Agreement, you must set up various departments and accounts based on your company’s internal structure and subscribe to multi-level billing management. To allow you to view and summarize bills and charges, we have provided four levels of management roles. Note that the levels are provided solely for reference purposes so that you can view your charges. All actual bills must still be paid in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement.

This article lists the responsibilities that correspond to the various administrator roles and the operation permissions in the portals. The administrator roles are:

  • Enterprise administrator

  • Department administrator

  • Account owner

  • Service administrator

  • Notification contact

    Administration level

All the administrator levels below must use the organization account (Org ID: Create a new organization account. If you already have an organization account, but need to create multiple accounts under the same domain name, create the accounts here. You can designate multiple accounts as enterprise administrators, but only one organization account can be designated as the account owner for each account. The organization account cannot be used in other accounts at the same time. Some agreements allow the organization account to be simultaneously designated as the enterprise administrator and the account owner.

Enterprise administrator

Log on to the Enterprise Portal

Enterprise administrators have the highest level of access permissions. They can:

  • Manage accounts and account owners.
  • Manage enterprise administrators.
  • Manage department administrators.
  • Manage notification contacts.
  • View usage for all accounts.
  • View unbilled charges for all accounts.
  • A single Enterprise Agreement can have multiple enterprise administrators.
  • All enterprise administrators inherit the role of department administrator.

Department administrators

Log on to the Enterprise Portal

  • Create and manage departments.
  • Create new account owners.
  • View detailed usage information for the department that they manage.
  • View costs (if granted the necessary permissions).
  • A single Enterprise Agreement can have multiple department administrators.

Account owners

Log on to the Enterprise Portal and the Account Portal

  • Create and manage subscriptions.
  • Manage service administrators.
  • View subscription usage.
  • Every account must have a unique organization account.

Service administrators

Sign in to the: Azure portal

  • Access and manage subscriptions and development projects in the Developer Portal.
  • An organization account may be used in different subscriptions and hierarchy levels.

Notification contacts

Notification contacts are entered by enterprise administrators. You need only to provide an email address that can receive day to day emails; there is no need to use the organization account.

  • Receive usage notifications for the agreement.
  • Receive Azure service update notifications.

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