Sign up for a 1 RMB Trial subscription

The 1 RMB Trial subscription gives new Azure users a chance to try out Azure before purchasing a standard subscription.For only 1 RMB, you can obtain an Azure balance valued at 1,500 RMB that’s valid for one month.This article explains how to register for the 1 RMB Trial subscription. You will need the following items before you begin the registration process:

  • A mobile phone number within the Mainland China region.
  • A People’s Republic of China Citizen’s ID Card or a Business License for an enterprise that’s registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC).
  • An Alipay account or debit/credit card that bears the UnionPay logo.

The 1 RMB Trial subscription registration process

  1. Go to the Azure China website, and then select Apply for a trial at the top right.

    The Azure China website

  2. Go to the Azure Standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) application form. Select either a “personal account” or a “business account”, as required, and then enter your phone number for verification.

    Azure trial application form

  3. Enter the real name verification details that correspond to the application type that you selected.

    Application type

  4. The system will verify your real name details online in real time.After you’ve verified your real name, you are taken to the registration page. Enter your personal information, create the domain name details, and then select Check availability.After you have confirmed that the domain name is available, add your user name and password details, repeat the mobile phone authentication process, and then select Continue.

    Check availability

  5. You will be taken to the account login page.Sign in to the account with the user name and password that you set up in the preceding step, and then remit your payment.

    Account sign-in page

  6. In the payment window, choose Alipay or UnionPay Online Payment, and then select Purchase to make a payment of 1 RMB.You are taken to a third-party payment platform to make the payment.


    If you want to upgrade your 1 RMB Trial subscription to a standard Pay-in-advance(PIA) subscription, you can change the payment method as required when you perform the upgrade.

    Payments Third-party payments

  7. Your 1 RMB Trial subscription is successfully created as soon as you have remitted your payment.The system automatically takes you to the Azure Account Center page. You can check the remaining balance and remaining days of the subscription by clicking the 1 RMB Trial subscription just created.

    Azure account management

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