Situations in which an Azure subscription will be disabled and how to reactivate it


This article applies only to Enterprise Agreement customers.Learn how to become an Enterprise Agreement customer.

If you purchased your Azure subscription online and want to reactivate a canceled subscription, contact our support team within 90 days.

Subscriptions are resource pools through which Enterprise Agreement customers deploy Azure services. All your services and resources are linked to a particular subscription.If for some reaon the subscription is blocked, and the deployed resource services are suspended, the resources will be available in temporary storage.You can still view the resources when you sign in to the portal websites, but you cannot edit or work with them.Within 90 days, you can contact 21Vianet customer support to reactivate your subscription.After 90 days, you can no longer reactivate your subscription.

Enterprise Agreement customers’ subscriptions can be disabled for either of two reasons:

  • Failure to pay for additional usage that exceeds time allowances or the annual order contract.
  • The subscription is canceled by the account owner.

Failure to pay for usage that exceeds allowances or an annual order

If your usage exceeds the allowances in your contract and you fail to respond by paying for the relevant additional usage on time, it may affect your contract and your use of services.If your subscription is suspended because you have not paid for additional usage exceeding the allowances, you can contact your client manager and choose to pay for the additional usage by one of the two methods below.Once you have paid, the business team will manually re-enable the contract and subscription for you.

  • Direct payment
  • Offset the additional usage over allowances with an annual order or additional order

The subscription is accidentally canceled

If you, as the account owner, accidentally cancel the subscription in the Account Portal, you cannot reactivate it yourself. If you contact the 21Vianet support team, they can manually reactivate it for you.

Contact Support.

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