Transfer Azure subscription ownership to another account


This article applies only to Enterprise Agreement customers. Learn how to become an Enterprise Agreement customer.

As an Enterprise Agreement customer, you can view your billing details by going through the following four levels: Agreement > Department > Account > Subscription. In the Enterprise Portal, you can transfer subscriptions between different accounts and change the subscription billing account. For example, if you transfer all the subscriptions in Account A to Account B, the charges for all the subscriptions are displayed in Account B after the transfer is complete. To transfer all subscriptions within an account, select Change account owner. To transfer one or more subscriptions, select Transfer subscription. This transfer affects only billing relationships It has no effect on your deployment. It also does not change your subscription level service administrator. If you need to change the service administrator at the same time, see the procedure that's illustrated in step 6.

The following process uses Transfer subscription as an example.

Process for changing the account administrator

  1. Log on to the Enterprise Portal as the enterprise administrator. To find out who the account administrator for the subscription is, see the Frequently asked questions.

  2. Select Manage > Account, and then select the account owner for the subscriptions that you want to transfer.

    Select account

  3. Click on “Transfer subscription.”

    Verify the Offer ID for the subscription in the Account Center

  4. Select the target subscription and click through to the next step.

    Azure account subscriptions tab

  5. Select the target account and click through to the next step.

    “Transfer subscriptions” dialog box

  6. Confirm that the transfer details are correct, and then select Submit.

    Send a subscription transfer email to the recipient

  7. The transfer takes about five minutes. After the transfer is complete, select Manage > Subscription, and then refresh the subscriptions.

Subscription transfer FAQ

  1. How do I view account owner permissions for a subscription?

    The account owner is the person who registered or purchased the Azure subscription. This person has the right to access the Account Center and perform a variety of management tasks, such as creating subscriptions, canceling subscriptions, changing subscription billing details, or changing service administrators. If you are not sure who the account owner for the subscription is, you can do the following:

    • Please visit the  Enterprise Portal.
    • Select Manage > Subscription, select the subscription that you want to check, and then check the corresponding account name.
    • Select Manage > Account, search for the account name, and then check the corresponding accounts.
  2. Will all my content be transferred? Does this transfer include resource groups, virtual machines, hard drives, and other services that are running?

    Yes, all resources (such as VMs, hard drives, and websites) are transferred to the new owner. However, none of the administrator roles or role-based access control (RBAC) strategies are transferred between the various directories.

  3. Will transferring a subscription cause any services to stop working?

    No, your services are not affected.

  4. How can I use this process to change the subscription’s Directory?

    Azure subscriptions are created in the Directory that the account owner belongs to. If you want to change the Directory, transfer the subscription to a user account in the target Directory. After you complete the process of accepting the transfer, the subscription is automatically moved to the target Directory.

  5. If I transfer a subscription during a billing period, does the recipient of the transfer need to pay the charges for the whole billing period?

    The person making the transfer is responsible for paying any usage charges reported before the transfer is completed. The person who receives the transfer is responsible for paying any usage charges that are reported after the transfer is completed. Some usage charges might be incurred before the transfer but not reported until after the transfer. Such charges are included in the recipient’s account.

  6. Is the recipient entitled to access the usage details and account history?

    The information that's provided to the recipient includes only the amount of the latest bill. No other usage details or account history is transferred with the account.

  7. How can I migrate data and services within an Azure subscription to a new subscription?

    If you are unable to transfer ownership of the subscription, you can manually migrate the resources. For more information, see Migrate resources to a new resource group or subscription for details.

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