Common issues with Azure online registration

This article provides solutions to common issues that you might encounter when you register your Azure services online.If you are still unable to resolve your issue, contact our support team for assistance.

  1. You cannot click Continue after you enter the SMS code.

    Enter the SMS code

    Solution: After you have entered the verification code, click Verify code to perform the verification.After the verification is complete, you can click Continue.

  2. The progress bar freezes for a long time during the registration process, as shown in the image below.

    The progress bar freezes

    Solution: Your browser must allow third-party cookies.Change your browser's cookie settings by using one of the following methods.Browser settings can vary, so you might need to refer to your browser’s help documentation.

    • Chrome: Select Settings > Advanced > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies, and then disable the Block third-party cookies control.
    • Edge: Select Settings > View advanced settings and then, under Cookies, select Don't block cookies.
    • Safari: Select Settings > Preferences > Privacy and then, under Block Cookies, select Never. After you have changed the settings, refresh the current Azure registration page and check to see whether the issue has been resolved.If refreshing the page does not resolve the issue, close and then reopen your browser, and then try again.
  3. **A message saying “Sorry!” appears on the registration page.**The message is notifying you that the 1 RMB Trial subscription/standard Pay-in-advance (PIA) services are unavailableand that you are not eligible to receive this promotional offer.

    Solution: If you previously applied for an Azure trial subscription, but did not complete the registration process,this message indicates that you did not use the registration activation code before it expired. Try to reapply by selecting the following links: Azure trial application form Azure Pay-in-advance(PIA) product purchase application form

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If you still need help to resolve your issue, contact our support team.