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This article applies only to Enterprise Agreement customers.Learn how to become an Enterprise Agreement customer.

The billing period for Enterprise Agreement customers is the calendar month. On the 5th day of each month, the system automatically generates a download link for the usage report for the previous month.On the details page of the Enterprise Portal, you can view a usage summary for a month or download the usage details to get more detailed information.For more information about the download process, see Download usage details.This article describes how to view usage summaries and discusses the meaning of common terms that are used in reports.

View usage summaries

Usage summaries provide an overview of agreement usage and changes in costs for each calendar month.The reports are presented in CSV format and provide usage information on every account for each day, including usage and corresponding charges.

  1. Log on to the Enterprise Portal with an enterprise administrator account.
  2. In the left pane, select Reports. The usage summary page is displayed by default.
  3. Select the months that you want to view.
  4. A window will be provided for you on the left of the page, while relevant detailed data is displayed on the right.
Term Description Graph element
Starting balance The funds that are available in the agreement for the current month. Blue trend line
New purchases The number of orders that have come into effect this month. Blue trend line
Adjustment The credits or other adjustments that are provided to you this month. Blue trend line
Ending balance The remaining available funds this month. Blue trend line
Package usage The usage amount that's included in the amounts that you purchased. Green bar
Service usage that exceeds allowances The usage amount that exceeds the amount you purchased. Red bar


View usage reports

Understanding the terminology in the usage reports can help you to better understand and analyze your usage.The monthly report's key terms and their descriptions are shown in the following table:

Term Description
Account owner Live ID (AccountOwnerId) The administrator account that created the subscription.
Account name The custom name for the account owner in the Enterprise Portal.
Subscription GUID The subscriptions that are included in billing.
Date The billing date.
Product The name of the billed product.
Consumed quantity The usage amount of the product generated on that date.
Resource rate The actual effective rate (total charges divided by total usage).
Extended cost The total charges.
(Department Name) The department that the account belongs to.
(Resource Group) All groups of resources.


The resource rate is a reference value for the total charges divided by the total usage, and it is not equivalent to the unit price.If your Enterprise Agreement involves free allowances, your resource rate is lower than the unit price. For example, you use 1,000 GB of data transfer in services and your Enterprise Agreement gives you a free allowance of 2,000 GB,your resource rate would show as 0.

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