Purchase an Azure subscription through your Office 365 account

If you have already purchased Office 365 products for China and you want to use the same account to manage Office 365 and Azure services, you can purchase an Azure subscription with the Office 365 account by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Azure China website, sign in to the Azure portal with your Office 365 account, select the account at the top right, and then select View my bill.

    Screenshot of the Azure China website

    Azure China website

  2. Select Subscription, and then select New subscription.

    New subscription

  3. If you have not yet creating a subscription, the system notifies you that "There are no offers available at this time." Do not close this page. Instead, open a new window, go to the Azure China website, and then create a new subscription.

    There are no offers available at this time

  4. In the Azure China website, at the top right, select I want to purchase.

    The "I want to purchase" link

  5. Select the application type, and then enter your phone number for authentication.

    The application type option

  6. Enter the real name verification details for the application type that you selected.

    Application type

  7. The system will verify your real name details online in real time. After your real name details have been verified, the system identifies your Office 365 account and takes you directly to the payment page. Confirm your personal information, add a contact phone number, and then select Save.

    Add personal information

  8. Select the payment method and amount, and then select Sign up.

    Payment page

  9. Complete the payment process for your chosen method of payment. After you have complete the payment process, you can sign in to the Azure portal with your Office 365 account and begin managing your Azure subscription right away

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