Get traffic information


Method Request URI

URI parameter

Parameter name Description
subscriptionId Subscription unique identifier
endpointId Target node unique identifier
granularity Traffic statistic granularity
  • PerFiveMinutes: Per five minutes
  • PerHour: Per hour
  • PerDay: Per day
startTime The traffic query start time must be a UTC time in the 'yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ssZ' format.
endTime The traffic query end time must be a UTC time in the 'yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ssZ' format.
endpointId Target node unique identifier

Request header

Request header Description
x-azurecdn-request-date Required. Enter the current UTC request time in yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss format.
Authorization Required. Refer to CDN API signing mechanism for authorization headers.

Request body



A response comprises a status code, response headers, and a response body.

Status code

Status code Description
200 Indicates that the server has returned a response successfully.
Other General response indicating that an error has occurred.

Response header

Response header Description
X-Correlation-Id The request's unique identifier, which is used to track request information.

Response body

JSON example for request succeeded:

  "DomainName": "",
  "Items": [
      "Timestamp": "2017-05-01T16:00:00Z",
      "VolumeInMB": 100,
      "OriginVolumeInMB": 20
      "Timestamp": "2017-05-02T16:00:00Z",
      "VolumeInMB": 200,
      "OriginVolumeInMB": 40
  "TotalCdnVolumeInMB": 300,
  "TotalOriginVolumeInMB": 60
Parameter name Description
DomainName Accelerated domain names
VolumeInMB CDN traffic
OriginVolumeInMB Back to source traffic
TotalCdnVolumeInMB CDN total traffic
TotalOriginVolumeInMB Back to source total traffic

JSON example for request failed:

  "Succeeded": false,
  "ErrorInfo": {
    "Type": "MissingAuthorizationHeader",
    "Message": "Missing authorization header."
Parameter name Description
Type Error type
  • CredentialInvalid: Invalid credentials
  • ParameterMissing: Parameter missing
  • ParameterInvalid: Invalid parameter
  • MissingAuthorizationHeader: Authorization header missing
  • InvalidRequestDateHeader: Invalid request date header
  • MissingRequestDateHeader: Missing request date header
  • AuthorizationHeaderExpired: Authorization header expired
  • InvalidAuthorizationHeader: Invalid authorization header
  • ApiKeyNotFound: API key not found
  • InvalidApiKey: Invalid API key
  • WrongSignature: Wrong signature
  • SubscriptionNotFound: Subscription does not exist
  • EndpointDoesNotBelongToSubscription: Endpoint does not belong to subscription
  • EndpointNotInActiveState: Endpoint not in active state
  • EndpointNotFound: Endpoint does not exist
  • MaliciousItemPathDetected: Malicious item path detected
  • PermissionDenied: Insufficient permissions
  • RequestThrottled: Request throttled

Message Error information