Commands and queries management

.show commands-and-queries

.show commands-and-queries returns a table with admin commands and queries that have reached a final state. These commands and queries are available for 30 days.

The information presented in the output of the command is similar to .show commands and .show queries, however it essentially lets you join both result sets in a simple manner.


.show commands-and-queries


The output schema is as follows:

ColumnName ColumnType
ClientActivityId string
CommandType string
Text string
Database string
StartedOn datetime
LastUpdatedOn datetime
Duration timespan
State string
FailureReason string
RootActivityId guid
User string
Application string
Principal string
ClientRequestProperties dynamic
TotalCpu timespan
MemoryPeak long
CacheStatistics dynamic
ScannedExtentsStatistics dynamic
ResultSetStatistics dynamic
WorkloadGroup string


For queries, the value of CommandType is Query.