.show materialized-views commands

The following show commands display information about materialized views.

.show materialized-view

Displays information about the materialized view's definition and its current state.


.show materialized-view MaterializedViewName

.show materialized-views


Property Type Description
MaterializedViewName String Name of the materialized view.


.show materialized-view ViewName


Output parameter Type Description
Name String The name of the materialized view.
SourceTable String The source table of the materialized view.
Query String The materialized view query.
MaterializedTo datetime The max materialized ingestion_time() timestamp in source table. For more information, see how materialized views work.
LastRun datetime The last time materialization was run.
LastRunResult String Result of last run. Returns Completed for successful runs, otherwise Failed.
IsHealthy bool True when view is considered healthy, False otherwise. View is considered healthy if it was successfully materialized up to the last hour (MaterializedTo is greater than ago(1h)).
IsEnabled bool True when view is enabled (see Disable or enable materialized view).
Folder string The materialized view folder.
DocString string The materialized view doc string.
AutoUpdateSchema bool Whether the view is enabled for auto updates.
EffectiveDateTime datetime The effective date time of the view, determined during creation time (see .create materialized-view).

.show materialized-view schema

Returns the schema of the materialized view in CSL/JSON.


.show materialized-view MaterializedViewName cslschema

.show materialized-view MaterializedViewName schema as json

.show materialized-view MaterializedViewName schema as csl

Output parameters

Output parameter Type Description
TableName String The name of the materialized view.
Schema String The materialized view csl schema
DatabaseName String The database to which the materialized view belongs
Folder String Materialized view's folder
DocString String Materialized view's docstring

.show materialized-view extents

Returns the extents in the materialized part of the materialized view. For a definition of the materialized portion, see how materialized views work.

This command provides the same details as the show table extents command.


.show materialized-view MaterializedViewName extents [hot]

.show materialized-view failures

Returns failures that occurred as part of the materialization process of the materialized view.


.show materialized-view MaterializedViewName failures


Property Type Description
MaterializedViewName String Name of the Materialized View.


Output parameter Type Description
Name Timestamp Failure timestamp.
OperationId String The operation ID of the run that failed.
Name String The materialized view name.
LastSuccessRun datetime The timestamp of the last run that completed successfully.
FailureKind String Type of failure.
Details String Failure details.