PurviewGlossaries.CreateGlossaryAsync(RequestContent, RequestOptions) Method


Create a glossary.

public virtual System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Azure.Response> CreateGlossaryAsync (Azure.Core.RequestContent requestBody, Azure.RequestOptions requestOptions = default);
abstract member CreateGlossaryAsync : Azure.Core.RequestContent * Azure.RequestOptions -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Azure.Response>
override this.CreateGlossaryAsync : Azure.Core.RequestContent * Azure.RequestOptions -> System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Azure.Response>
Public Overridable Function CreateGlossaryAsync (requestBody As RequestContent, Optional requestOptions As RequestOptions = Nothing) As Task(Of Response)



The request body.


The request options.




Schema for Request Body:

classificationsAtlasClassification[] An array of classifications.
longDescriptionstring The long version description.
namestring The name of the glossary object.
qualifiedNamestring The qualified name of the glossary object.
shortDescriptionstring The short version of description.
lastModifiedTSstring ETag for concurrency control.
guidstring The GUID of the object.
categoriesAtlasRelatedCategoryHeader[] An array of categories.
languagestring The language of the glossary.
termsAtlasRelatedTermHeader[] An array of related term headers.
usagestring The usage of the glossary.
Schema for AtlasClassification:
attributesDictionary<string, AnyObject> The attributes of the struct.
typeNamestring The name of the type.
lastModifiedTSstring ETag for concurrency control.
entityGuidstring The GUID of the entity.
entityStatus"ACTIVE" | "DELETED" Status of the entity - can be active or deleted. Deleted entities are not removed from Atlas store.
removePropagationsOnEntityDeleteboolean Determines if propagations will be removed on entity deletion.
validityPeriodsTimeBoundary[] An array of time boundaries indicating validity periods.
sourcestring indicate the source who create the classification detail.
sourceDetailsDictionary<string, AnyObject> more detail on source information.
Schema for AtlasRelatedCategoryHeader:
categoryGuidstring The GUID of the category.
descriptionstring The description of the category header.
displayTextstring The display text.
parentCategoryGuidstring The GUID of the parent category.
relationGuidstring The GUID of the relationship.
Schema for AtlasRelatedTermHeader:
descriptionstring The description of the related term.
displayTextstring The display text.
expressionstring The expression of the term.
relationGuidstring The GUID of the relationship.
sourcestring The source of the term.
status"DRAFT" | "ACTIVE" | "DEPRECATED" | "OBSOLETE" | "OTHER" The status of term relationship.
stewardstring The steward of the term.
termGuidstring The GUID of the term.
Schema for TimeBoundary:
endTimestring The end of the time boundary.
startTimestring The start of the time boundary.
timeZonestring The timezone of the time boundary.

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