PurviewRelationships.Update(RequestContent, RequestOptions) Method


Update an existing relationship between entities.

public virtual Azure.Response Update (Azure.Core.RequestContent requestBody, Azure.RequestOptions requestOptions = default);
abstract member Update : Azure.Core.RequestContent * Azure.RequestOptions -> Azure.Response
override this.Update : Azure.Core.RequestContent * Azure.RequestOptions -> Azure.Response
Public Overridable Function Update (requestBody As RequestContent, Optional requestOptions As RequestOptions = Nothing) As Response



The request body.


The request options.




Schema for Request Body:

attributesDictionary<string, AnyObject> The attributes of the struct.
typeNamestring The name of the type.
lastModifiedTSstring ETag for concurrency control.
createTimenumber The created time of the record.
createdBystring The user who created the record.
end1AtlasObjectId Reference to an object-instance of an Atlas type - like entity.
end2AtlasObjectId Reference to an object-instance of an Atlas type - like entity.
guidstring The GUID of the relationship.
homeIdstring The home ID of the relationship.
labelstring The label of the relationship.
provenanceTypenumber Used to record the provenance of an instance of an entity or relationship.
status"ACTIVE" | "DELETED" The enum of relationship status.
updateTimenumber The update time of the record.
updatedBystring The user who updated the record.
versionnumber The version of the relationship.
Schema for AtlasObjectId:
guidstring The GUID of the object.
typeNamestring The name of the type.
uniqueAttributesDictionary<string, AnyObject> The unique attributes of the object.

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