ConflictResolutionPolicy.ResolutionProcedure Property


Gets or sets the Stored Procedure which is used for conflict resolution in the Azure Cosmos DB service. This stored procedure may be created after the CosmosContainer is created and can be changed as required.

public string ResolutionProcedure { get; set; }
member this.ResolutionProcedure : string with get, set
Public Property ResolutionProcedure As String

Property Value


The stored procedure to perform conflict resolution.


conflictResolutionPolicy.ConflictResolutionProcedure = "dbs/databaseName/colls/containerName/sprocs/storedProcedureName";


1. This value should only be set when using Custom 2. In case the stored procedure fails or throws an exception, the conflict resolution will default to registering conflicts in the conflicts feed"/>. 3. The user can provide the stored procedure id.

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