BasicDigitalTwin Class


An optional, helper class for deserializing a digital twin.

public class BasicDigitalTwin
type BasicDigitalTwin = class
Public Class BasicDigitalTwin


Here's an example of how to use the BasicDigitalTwin helper class to serialize and create a digital twin.

// Create digital twin with component payload using the BasicDigitalTwin serialization helper

var basicTwin = new BasicDigitalTwin
    Id = basicDtId,
    // model Id of digital twin
    Metadata = { ModelId = modelId },
    Contents =
        // digital twin properties
        { "Prop1", "Value1" },
        { "Prop2", 987 },
        // component
            new BasicDigitalTwinComponent
                // component properties
                Contents =
                    { "ComponentProp1", "Component value 1" },
                    { "ComponentProp2", 123 },

Response<BasicDigitalTwin> createDigitalTwinResponse = await client.CreateOrReplaceDigitalTwinAsync(basicDtId, basicTwin);
Console.WriteLine($"Created digital twin '{createDigitalTwinResponse.Value.Id}'.");

Here's an example of how to use the BasicDigitalTwin helper class to get and deserialize a digital twin.

Response<BasicDigitalTwin> getBasicDtResponse = await client.GetDigitalTwinAsync<BasicDigitalTwin>(basicDtId);
BasicDigitalTwin basicDt = getBasicDtResponse.Value;

// Must cast Component1 as a JsonElement and get its raw text in order to deserialize it as a dictionary
string component1RawText = ((JsonElement)basicDt.Contents["Component1"]).GetRawText();
var component1 = JsonSerializer.Deserialize<BasicDigitalTwinComponent>(component1RawText);

Console.WriteLine($"Retrieved and deserialized digital twin {basicDt.Id}:\n\t" +
    $"ETag: {basicDt.ETag}\n\t" +
    $"ModelId: {basicDt.Metadata.ModelId}\n\t" +
    $"Prop1: {basicDt.Contents["Prop1"]} and last updated on {basicDt.Metadata.PropertyMetadata["Prop1"].LastUpdatedOn}\n\t" +
    $"Prop2: {basicDt.Contents["Prop2"]} and last updated on {basicDt.Metadata.PropertyMetadata["Prop2"].LastUpdatedOn}\n\t" +
    $"Component1.Prop1: {component1.Contents["ComponentProp1"]} and  last updated on: {component1.Metadata["ComponentProp1"].LastUpdatedOn}\n\t" +
    $"Component1.Prop2: {component1.Contents["ComponentProp2"]} and last updated on: {component1.Metadata["ComponentProp2"].LastUpdatedOn}");


This helper class will only work with System.Text.Json. When used with the ObjectSerializer, parameter to DigitalTwinsClientOptions it will only work with the default (JsonObjectSerializer).

For more samples, see our repo samples.





This field will contain properties and components as defined in the contents section of the DTDL definition of the twin.


A string representing a weak ETag for the entity that this request performs an operation against, as per RFC7232.


The unique Id of the digital twin in a digital twins instance. This field is present on every digital twin.


Information about the model a digital twin conforms to. This field is present on every digital twin.

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