ReadEventOptions.TrackLastEnqueuedEventProperties Property


Indicates whether or not the reader should request information on the last enqueued event on the partition associated with a given event, and track that information as events are read.

public bool TrackLastEnqueuedEventProperties { get; set; }
member this.TrackLastEnqueuedEventProperties : bool with get, set
Public Property TrackLastEnqueuedEventProperties As Boolean

Property Value


true if information about a partition's last event should be requested and tracked; otherwise, false.


When information about a partition's last enqueued event is being tracked, each event received from the Event Hubs service will carry metadata about the partition that it otherwise would not. This results in a small amount of additional network bandwidth consumption that is generally a favorable trade-off when considered against periodically making requests for partition properties using one of the Event Hub clients.

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