EventProcessorClient.ProcessEventAsync Event


Performs the tasks needed to process a batch of events for a given partition as they are read from the Event Hubs service. Implementation is mandatory.

Should an exception occur within the code for this handler, the EventProcessorClient will allow it to bubble and will not surface to the error handler or attempt to handle it in any way. Developers are strongly encouraged to take exception scenarios into account, including the need to retry processing, and guard against them using try/catch blocks and other means, as appropriate.

It is not recommended that the state of the processor be managed directly from within this handler; requesting to start or stop the processor may result in a deadlock scenario, especially if using the synchronous form of the call.

public event Func<Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Processor.ProcessEventArgs,System.Threading.Tasks.Task> ProcessEventAsync;
member this.ProcessEventAsync : Func<Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Processor.ProcessEventArgs, System.Threading.Tasks.Task> 
Public Custom Event ProcessEventAsync As Func(Of ProcessEventArgs, Task) 

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