SeasonalFieldsClient.CreateOrUpdate(String, String, RequestContent, RequestOptions) Method


Creates or Updates a seasonal field resource under a particular farmer.

public virtual Azure.Response CreateOrUpdate (string farmerId, string seasonalFieldId, Azure.Core.RequestContent requestBody, Azure.RequestOptions requestOptions = default);
abstract member CreateOrUpdate : string * string * Azure.Core.RequestContent * Azure.RequestOptions -> Azure.Response
override this.CreateOrUpdate : string * string * Azure.Core.RequestContent * Azure.RequestOptions -> Azure.Response
Public Overridable Function CreateOrUpdate (farmerId As String, seasonalFieldId As String, requestBody As RequestContent, Optional requestOptions As RequestOptions = Nothing) As Response



ID of the associated farmer resource.


ID of the seasonal field resource.


The request body.


The request options.




Schema for Request Body:

farmerIdstring Farmer ID.
primaryBoundaryIdstring Primary boundary id.
boundaryIdsstring[] Boundary Ids.
farmIdstring ID of the associated Farm.
fieldIdstring ID of the associated Field.
seasonIdstring ID of the season it belongs to.
cropVarietyIdsstring[] CropVariety ids.
cropIdstring ID of the crop it belongs to.
avgYieldValuenumber Average yield value of the seasonal field.
avgYieldUnitstring Unit of the average yield value attribute.
avgSeedPopulationValuenumber Average seed population value of the seasonal field.
avgSeedPopulationUnitstring Unit of average seed population value attribute.
plantingDateTimestring (ISO 8601 Format) Planting datetime, sample format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ.
idstring Unique resource ID.
eTagstring The ETag value to implement optimistic concurrency.
statusstring Status of the resource.
createdDateTimestring (ISO 8601 Format) Date-time when resource was created, sample format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ.
modifiedDateTimestring (ISO 8601 Format) Date-time when resource was last modified, sample format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ.
namestring Name to identify resource.
descriptionstring Textual description of the resource.
propertiesDictionary<string, AnyObject> A collection of key value pairs that belongs to the resource.

Each pair must not have a key greater than 50 characters

and must not have a value greater than 150 characters.

Note: A maximum of 25 key value pairs can be provided for a resource and only string and numeral values are supported.

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