CloudJobSchedule.Delete(IEnumerable<BatchClientBehavior>) Method


Deletes this CloudJobSchedule.

public void Delete (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<Microsoft.Azure.Batch.BatchClientBehavior> additionalBehaviors = default);
member this.Delete : seq<Microsoft.Azure.Batch.BatchClientBehavior> -> unit
Public Sub Delete (Optional additionalBehaviors As IEnumerable(Of BatchClientBehavior) = Nothing)



A collection of BatchClientBehavior instances that are applied to the Batch service request after the CustomBehaviors.


The delete operation requests that the job schedule be deleted. The request puts the schedule in the Deleting state. The Batch service will delete any existing jobs and tasks under the schedule, including any active job, and perform the actual job schedule deletion without any further client action.

This is a blocking operation. For a non-blocking equivalent, see DeleteAsync(IEnumerable<BatchClientBehavior>, CancellationToken).

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