JobExecutionInformation.TerminateReason Property


Gets or sets a string describing the reason the Job ended.

public string TerminateReason { get; set; }
member this.TerminateReason : string with get, set
Public Property TerminateReason As String

Property Value



This property is set only if the Job is in the completed state. If the Batch service terminates the Job, it sets the reason as follows: JMComplete - the Job Manager Task completed, and killJobOnCompletion was set to true. MaxWallClockTimeExpiry - the Job reached its maxWallClockTime constraint. TerminateJobSchedule - the Job ran as part of a schedule, and the schedule terminated. AllTasksComplete - the Job's onAllTasksComplete attribute is set to terminatejob, and all Tasks in the Job are complete. TaskFailed - the Job's onTaskFailure attribute is set to performExitOptionsJobAction, and a Task in the Job failed with an exit condition that specified a jobAction of terminatejob. Any other string is a user-defined reason specified in a call to the 'Terminate a Job' operation.

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