SubscriptionContract.State Property


Gets or sets subscription state. Possible states are * active – the subscription is active, * suspended – the subscription is blocked, and the subscriber cannot call any APIs of the product, * submitted – the subscription request has been made by the developer, but has not yet been approved or rejected, * rejected – the subscription request has been denied by an administrator, * cancelled – the subscription has been cancelled by the developer or administrator,

  • expired – the subscription reached its expiration date and was deactivated. Possible values include: 'suspended', 'active', 'expired', 'submitted', 'rejected', 'cancelled'
public Microsoft.Azure.Management.ApiManagement.Models.SubscriptionState State { get; set; }
member this.State : Microsoft.Azure.Management.ApiManagement.Models.SubscriptionState with get, set
Public Property State As SubscriptionState

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