IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolume Interface


The stage of the container group definition allowing to specify a private image registry or a volume.

public interface IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolume : Microsoft.Azure.Management.ContainerInstance.Fluent.ContainerGroup.Definition.IWithPrivateImageRegistry, Microsoft.Azure.Management.ContainerInstance.Fluent.ContainerGroup.Definition.IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolumeBeta, Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager.Fluent.Core.IBeta
type IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolume = interface
    interface IWithPrivateImageRegistry
    interface IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolumeBeta
    interface IBeta
Public Interface IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolume
Implements IBeta, IWithPrivateImageRegistry, IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolumeBeta



Begins the definition of a volume that can be shared by the container instances in the container group. The definition must be completed with a call to VolumeDefinitionStages.WithVolumeAttach.attach().


Specifies an empty directory volume that can be shared by the container instances in the container group.

(Inherited from IWithPrivateImageRegistryOrVolumeBeta)
WithNewAzureFileShareVolume(String, String)

Specifies a new Azure file share name to be created.


Skips the definition of volumes to be shared by the container instances. An IllegalArgumentException will be thrown if a container instance attempts to define a volume mounting.

WithPrivateImageRegistry(String, String, String)

Specifies the private container image registry server login for the container group.

(Inherited from IWithPrivateImageRegistry)

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