MaintenanceConfiguration.RecurEvery Property


Gets or sets rate at which a Maintenance window is expected to recur. The rate can be expressed as daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. Daily schedule are formatted as recurEvery: [Frequency as integer]['Day(s)']. If no frequency is provided, the default frequency is 1. Daily schedule examples are recurEvery: Day, recurEvery: 3Days. Weekly schedule are formatted as recurEvery: [Frequency as integer]['Week(s)'] [Optional comma separated list of weekdays Monday-Sunday]. Weekly schedule examples are recurEvery: 3Weeks, recurEvery: Week Saturday,Sunday. Monthly schedules are formatted as [Frequency as integer]['Month(s)'] [Comma separated list of month days] or [Frequency as integer]['Month(s)'] [Week of Month (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Last)] [Weekday Monday-Sunday]. Monthly schedule examples are recurEvery: Month, recurEvery: 2Months, recurEvery: Month day23,day24, recurEvery: Month Last Sunday, recurEvery: Month Fourth Monday.

public string RecurEvery { get; set; }
member this.RecurEvery : string with get, set
Public Property RecurEvery As String

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