IAccount Interface


The IAccount interface represents information about a single account. The same user can be present in different tenants, that is, a user can have multiple accounts. An IAccount is returned in the AuthenticationResult.Account property, and can be used as parameters of PublicClientApplication and ConfidentialClientApplication methods acquiring tokens such as AcquireTokenSilent(IEnumerable<String>, IAccount)

public interface IAccount
type IAccount = interface
Public Interface IAccount



Gets a string containing the identity provider for this account, e.g. login.microsoftonline.com.


AccountId of the home account for the user. This uniquely identifies the user across AAD tenants.


Gets a string containing the displayable value in UserPrincipalName (UPN) format, e.g. john.doe@contoso.com. This can be null.

Extension Methods


The same account can exist in its home tenant and also as a guest in multiple other tenants. TenantProfile is derived from the ID token for that tenant.


Creates the System.Security.Claims.ClaimsPrincipal from the values found in an IAccount.

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