ExceptionErrorCodes Enum


Specifies the error codes of the exceptions.

public enum ExceptionErrorCodes
type ExceptionErrorCodes = 
Public Enum ExceptionErrorCodes


ArchiveStorageAccountServerBusy 50005

Archive Storage Account Server is busy.

AudienceNotFound 40107

The audience is not found.

BadGatewayFailure 50200

The error is caused by bad gateway.

BadRequest 40000

A parse error encountered while processing a request.

ConflictGeneric 40900

A generic conflict error.

ConflictOperationInProgress 40901

An operation is in progress.

CorrelationFiltersExceeded 40502

The correlation filters exceeded its allowable maximum number.

DataCommunicationError 50001

The error of data communication.

DataNotFound 40403

The data store return not found.

EndpointNotFound 40400

The endpoint is not found.

EntityCannotBeUpdated 40506

The entity is not updatable.

EntityGone 41000

The entity is not found.

EventHubAtFullCapacity 40505

The Event Hub is at full capacity.

ExpiredToken 40106

The token had expired.

ExpiresOnNotFound 40108

The expiry date not found.

ForbiddenGeneric 40300

A generic forbidden error.

ForbiddenInvalidOperation 40301

Operation is not allowed.

GatewayTimeoutFailure 50400

The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

InternalFailure 50002

An internal error.

InvalidArchiveStorageAccountResourceId 50006

Archive Storage Account ResourceId is invalid.

InvalidAudience 40104

The audience is invalid.

InvalidDestination 40401

The destination is invalid.

InvalidSignature 40103

The signature is invalid.

IpNotInAcledSubNet 40112

The incoming ip is not in acled subnet.

IpRejected 40111

The incoming ip has been rejected by policy.

IssuerNotFound 40109

The issuer cannot be found.

MalformedToken 40105

A malformed token.

MissingToken 40102

The token is missing.

NamespaceNotFound 40402

The namespace is not found.

NoTransportSecurity 40101

The service bus has no transport security.

ProviderUnreachable 50003

The provider is unreachable.

ServerBusy 50004

The server is busy.

SignatureNotFound 40110

The signature cannot be found.

SqlFiltersExceeded 40501

The SQL filters exceeded its allowable maximum number.

StoreLockLost 40500

The store lock is lost.

SubscriptionsExceeded 40503

The subscriptions exceeded its allowable maximum number.

UnauthorizedGeneric 40100

A generic unauthorized error.

UnknownExceptionDetail 60000

The detail of an unknown exception.

UnspecifiedInternalError 50000

An internal error that is not specified.

UpdateConflict 40504

A conflict during updating occurred.

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